Johnny Cash DVD The Pride of Jesse Hallum / Five Minutes to Live

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Brand new licensed Johhny Cash double feature DVD!

Actors: Johnny Cash
Format: Color
Region: Region 1
Rating: Not Rated

Studio: Digiview
Run Time: 185 minutes

He was a singer, songwriter, a black wearing legend. Now see him like you have never seen him before - as an actor. These two films star the country music legend in two dramatic roles that will change the way you see the Man in Black. The Pride of Jesse Hallam - An illiterate coal miner from Kentucky moves to Cincinnati so that his daughter can get spinal surgery. When he realizes that he needs to support his family financially in the city, he decides to learn to read and write by graduating high school. Five Minutes to Live - Cash is Johnny Cabot, a tough criminal who is hired to assist in a bank robbery by taking the wife of the bank's president hostage. While his partner is at the bank getting the money, Cabot is at his house keeping the wife company, awaiting his partner's phone call. Pretty soon, though, things start to go awry when the robbers realize that the vice-president may not mind having his wife murdered.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review